Did you think hackers were just nefarious for the sake of being nefarious? That’s not the case. Google makes it clear in their webmaster channel that SEO is a big motivator for hackers. Once hackers get into your WordPress, it can be very tricky to remove their code. Another thing to keep in mind is that most black SEO experts go to great lengths to make WordPress hacks hard to detect in the code.

So why would hackers turn to SEO and SEO experts turn to hacking?

The answer is simple: because there is a lot to be gained from unsuspecting websites. Google wrote:

Search Engine Optimization ‘SEO’ spam is one of the primary reasons that vulnerable websites are targeted by hackers. Some forms of SEO spam can redirect your users to malicious sites and cause you to lose customers.

An early warning sign of this can be from customers trying to access your site. Be sure to pay attention to user feedback, questions, or complaints. Pay attention to feedback provided by Google Search Console. If Google detects any malicious redirects, we’ll send you a message in Search Console. #NoHacked


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