In the fast-paced world of technical development and support, challenges are inevitable. However, when tasked with creating a web app for a premier gaming studio, the stakes were higher than ever. This case study delves into the journey of our team as we navigated through tight timelines, stringent security protocols, and unforeseen obstacles to deliver a flawless product just in time for a groundbreaking announcement at a major gaming conference.

Client Overview:
Our client, a leading gaming studio led by two globally recognized video game creators, approached us with a monumental task. They were on the brink of announcing a significant distribution deal, the details of which were highly confidential. To complement this announcement, they required a cutting-edge web app that would serve as the centerpiece of their presentation at an upcoming gaming conference.

Challenges Faced:

Tight Timeline: The timeline for this project was exceptionally short, leaving little room for error or delays. Every minute counted, especially with the impending announcement looming over us.

Security Protocols: Given the sensitive nature of the project, stringent security protocols needed to be implemented to safeguard confidential information and communications.

Precise Go-Live Timing: Coordinating the release of the web app with the founders’ on-stage announcement at the gaming conference presented a unique challenge. Timing was critical, as any delays or mishaps could undermine the impact of the unveiling.

Technical Hurdles: The technical landscape posed its own set of challenges, particularly regarding DNS updates and CDN synchronization. Balancing these factors was crucial to ensuring a seamless go-live experience.

Unexpected Setbacks: As is often the case in high-stakes situations, unforeseen setbacks arose. A key developer went MIA on the day of the go-live, and a critical component of the site malfunctioned, threatening to derail the entire project.

Strategies Employed:
1. Clear Communication: Real-time communication channels, such as Slack, were instrumental in keeping the team connected and informed throughout the project.
2. Agile Problem-Solving: When faced with unexpected setbacks, the team remained agile and adaptable, making quick decisions to mitigate risks and keep the project on track.
3. Streamlined Bug Fixing: Bug tracking and fixing were streamlined using tools like Bugherd, allowing for efficient resolution of issues as they arose.
4. Focus on Essentials: In light of time constraints and technical challenges, the team prioritized essential features and functionalities, making tough decisions to strip out non-critical components and ensure the core functionality was intact.
5. Round-the-Clock Support: A dedicated day-of support team was on standby to address any issues that emerged during the critical hours leading up to the go-live.

Technologies Utilized:
The web app was built using a combination of custom HTML/CSS, the Gatsby JavaScript library for enhanced performance, Lottie animations for dynamic visuals, and of course, copious amounts of black coffee to fuel the team’s efforts.

Despite the myriad challenges and obstacles encountered along the way, our team’s dedication, resilience, and collaborative spirit ultimately led to a successful outcome. The web app was delivered flawlessly, aligning perfectly with the founders’ on-stage announcement at the gaming conference. By overcoming adversity and delivering under pressure, we not only met but exceeded the expectations of our esteemed client, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in senior technical development and support.

Project Scope:

• Static-site development using React/Gatsby framework
• Animations using Lottie and CSS
• Horizontal scroll implementation
• Performance optimizations, SEO, mobile responsiveness
• QA, last minute edits, bug fixes and testing
• Go-live support
• Document codebase and add README


  • Planning and recommendation for static site hosting
  • Set up development and production environments for static site hosting
  • Firewall and CDN configuration
  • IP whitelisting
  • File and DNS transfer
  • Go live event managements

Tech Overview:

  • Hosting – Host files in AWS S3 
  • Cloudflare CDN in front of AWS
  • Gatsby JS libraries – a React-based open-source web building framework