Divi Helps Make Accessibility Easy for Everyone

by | Aug, 2019

The Divi builder’s massive growth can be attributed to it’s ease of use in building beautiful websites. But that growth has also put the spotlight on some initial accessibility issues that were not part of the initial design. Quickly realizing the oversight, CampusPress introduced the Divi Accessibility plugin. Bear in mind, no single plugin or script can bring a website into compliance with the ADA, but it’s a step in the right direction. Here are a few major features of the plugin.

ARIA Support: One feature of Divi Accessibility is the addition of ARIA attributes to the Divi elements and modules. The ARIA code is also added in the Tab module. This is good for screen reader users.

Dropdown Keyboard Navigation: Another important feature is the drop-down keyboard navigation, which allows users to more easily navigate the Divi drop-down menus with the keyboard.

Fix Labels: This option fixes missing labels and assignments to corresponding inputs.

Focusable Modules: Without Divi Accessibility, the theme’s toggles and accordions aren’t accessible for screen reader or keyboard-only users. Instead, these devices skip over these tools. The accessibility feature makes Toggles and Accordions focusable, just like it would be for any mouse user.

Divi Accessibility’s other options include improvements in these areas:

  • Keyboard Navigation Outline
  • Screen Reader Text
  • Divi Email Opt-in
  • Form Label Display
  • Skip Navigation
  • Tota11y (helps you get an idea of what your site will look like with this new technology)

These features ensure Divi is versatile and accessible for site visitors with disabilities. This information was curated from the article “Improve Your Divi Website’s Reach With Divi Accessibility” written by Claire Brotherton for the website, A Clear Bright Web.

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