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Super responsive, and exceptional quality! Our relationship is valued and appreciated.

Working with Ryan and his team has been a blessing. In our company, we see Ryan & the entire WP Always team as an extension of our company.

Their support has been essential. We couldn’t be happier with WP Always as our WordPress partner.

Mayda Barsumyan
CEO, Business Escalation, Inc.


Has your WordPress been hacked?

If you are experiencing an attack, we can remove malware quickly and close security gaps to prevent future attacks. Get in touch now.

Recommendations for securing WordPress:


Always update core files, plugins & themes

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Remember the Panama Papers? This massive data breach (4.8 million emails exploited) was easily preventable. The law firm’s WordPress website used an out-of-date and widely distributed plugin called Slider Revolution. This leak ended the tenure of several world leaders and altered the course of many more lives. What could they do to you?

Monitor file changes and block malware

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Effective file-change monitoring will alert you when files have been altered without permission. If malicious code has been injected into your site, it will need to be removed carefully and completely to eliminate the threat. A firewall should also be used to blocks malicious traffic, minimally at the application level, ideally at the network level.

Backup your site to another location

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Backups stored to the same server are useless if you lose access to that environment. Offsite backups to the cloud are essential for maintaining continuity in the event of a severe attack. Backups should occur in real-time and there should be multiple versions of the site saved over a period of at least 30 days.

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